Webinar: How to Select and Search Effectively in Excel

Date: Friday 28th, March 2014; Time:18:30 Madrid (Spain); Duration: 35′


  • Basic techniques and keyboard shortcuts for selecting cells and areas in an Excel spreadsheet.
  • In-depth examination of Find and select: options and possibilities.
  • VBA code examples for selecting cells and areas on a spreadsheet.

Although Excel is natively well suited for most selection and search tasks, there are still some areas where improvement is possible. For instance when we have to select non-contiguous cells or areas, based on cell content. The SelectEX Add-In can come in very handy for such tasks, and save a lot of labour that would include extensive use of sheet formulas and conditional formatting. Also, we don’t want our Excel file to grow unnecessarily in size.

Download SelectEx Demo

SelectEX V001 ESP Webinar
SelectEX V001 ESP Webinar
Version: 001
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